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Grant Opportunities

Public School Proud Grants

This program provides an opportunity for teachers in the Sioux Falls School District to apply for funds that are normally not available through district budgets.

The goal of Public School Proud Grants is to help teachers – who are constantly reading about, learning and attempting to implement new techniques and strategies – apply advanced technology or innovative curriculum additions to their own lesson plans. This ensures that our students are exposed to not only the latest and best practices, but that they are able to experience the types of technology and innovation they will encounter later on in their school lives.

Grant funding through the Education Foundation has provided a variety of new techniques for teachers to use in classrooms, enhancing student learning and creating an exciting environment.

To learn more about the stories behind these grants, visit the Stories section of this site.

To begin applying for a grant, check out the Apply for a Grant page.

Public School Proud: First Time Teacher Grants

These are $200 grants given to first-time, first-year teachers to help them purchase supplies for their classrooms.