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Our Stories

Since 2005, the Education Foundation has awarded numerous Public School Proud Grants to teachers at all grade levels and in all subject areas. Here are a few stories about the materials, programs, and software that have been funded through our Innovation in Education Grants within the last few years.

Our youngest students work at light tables, learning about letters, numbers, patterns, shapes, and shadows. Using manipulatives, preschoolers and kindergarteners develop their fine motor skills.

Fourth and fifth graders at Lowell Elementary imagine, design, and print their creations using the Sioux Falls School District’s first 3D printer. Students have created teddy bears, toy cars, and robots.

We have middle schoolers at George McGovern who are building robots from the ground up. Students work in teams to create their robot, and then they use coding software to program the robot to successfully navigate an obstacle course.

Band students at Patrick Henry and Memorial have an opportunity to use electric mallet stations, the first in the state. These instruments allow students to play all of the percussion instruments on mallets, and they are much easier to transport.

Computer science students at Roosevelt High School have learned how to operate drones. Outside of the classroom, these students can participate in Flight Club, an extracurricular activity where students fly drones. They organize competitions and showcase their skills for the public.

Students at New Tech High School who are enrolled in the combined biology and literature class read the book, The Martian, and then manage multiple experiments in biology. They test which plants, vegetables, and grasses could grow in a climate similar to that on Mars. Students keep detailed lab notebooks, and they get help a few times a semester from the students enrolled in Southeast Tech’s Horticulture Technology Department.

These are just a few examples of materials that have been provided through the Education Foundation’s Public School Proud Grants.