135 Fifth Graders to Use Aero Garden Farms

Jodi Stevenson from Discovery Elementary received a $2,009.85 Public School Proud Grant to purchase three Aero Garden farms. More than 130 fifth graders will use the garden kits in their science classes. The Aero Farm is a quick and easy set up that allows for 24 plants of any kind to be grown indoors without sun or soil. Plants will grow five times faster than in a traditional outdoor garden, and students will learn about food production and sustainability.

In the application, Jodi wrote, “Students will set up the farm, plant the seeds, and take care of them through the growth process. They will record data and conduct experiments. Students will get to study hydroponics and connect its important to locations that don’t have great planting soil, such as big cities or even outer space.”

This is the third grant the Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation has funded for Aero Gardens. Middle school students in the RISE program are using them to grow herbs and vegetables. They then use what they have grown to prepare meals in the classroom. Gardening is a lifelong skill, and teachers are showing students how to grow plants in various environments.

Jodi Stevenson
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