Our Programs

We believe in kids, and we believe in opportunity. It is our goal to bring the two together, and we do that through our three main programs: Curriculum Enhancements; Talent and Recognition; and Student Success.

Curriculum Enhancements

• First Time Teacher Grants
• Replenish the Room Grants
• Public School Proud Grants

Through this focus area, the EF provides support to teachers throughout their careers.

Talent and Recognition

• Staff Appreciation Efforts
Annual Awards Banquets
• Educator Mental Wellness

In an effort to attract and retain the best and brightest, the EF has invested in staff appreciation and workplace culture initiatives.


• Meeting Basic Needs
• Support for Native American Students
• Teacher Pathway Program

To ensure students are focused, engaged, and ready to learn, the EF fills gaps.

of Every Dollar Supports Our Programs
First Time Teacher Grants Awarded
Public School Proud Grants Awarded
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