Cash for Classrooms Raffle Winners

Jason Forbes and his wife, Lynne Keller Forbes, didn’t make it to the Presidents’ Bowl football games. But they received phone calls and texts from people who were there.
They informed Jason that he had won one of the two $5,000 prizes announced during the bowl games.
They were quite surprised – happily so.
Jason, a CPA with Thurman, Comes, Foley & Co. LLP, had purchased 10 tickets. At last check, the couple and their three children had not spent the winnings.
“It’s sitting in a savings account right now. We didn’t go out and buy anything. I don’t know what we’re going to do with it,” Jason says.
The winner of the other $5,000 was JoAnn Feiock. She bought one ticket upon arriving at the Presidents’ Bowl to watch her grandson, Caden Quintanilla, play for Lincoln High School.
She left after the first game and was “extremely surprised” get a phone call later on game night, advising her that she had won the second drawing of the night.
“I haven’t decided what to do with it,” Feiock says. But, she added, she bought the raffle ticket as sort of a tribute for her grandson’s final year at Lincoln. So she might use part of her winnings buy him some gasoline. ––by Rob Swenson

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