State of the School District Nets $33,000 for the Education Foundation

The Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation held its first-ever virtual State of the School District on August 6th. During the live stream on Facebook, the Education Foundation highlighted the 49 Public School Proud Grant winners, heard from Dr. Jane Stavem, the new school superintendent, and shared the organization’s successes from the previous year.

More than 6,000 individuals have watched the video, helping the Education Foundation expand their reach and broaden their audience. The event is a fundraiser, and the organization has netted more than $33,000 that will be used to support Public School Proud Grants, First Time Teacher Grants, and the Student Success Fund.

“This was the Education Foundation’s first virtual event, and everything went well,” said Allison Struck, executive director. “We had two great partners, The Event Company and Pinnacle Productions, and they made sure the pre-production and live stream went off without a hitch. Typically, we host 180 supporters each year, but by moving to a virtual format, we had 34 times the exposure we’ve had in the past.”

The 2020 State of the School District can be viewed here:

Individuals wishing to make a donation can visit this secure link to donate online: Checks can also be mailed to PO Box 560, Sioux Falls, SD, 57101.

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