$5,000 Grant Funds Specialized Trikes at Terry Redlin Elementary

Ann Just received $5,348.35 for her proposal, “All Kids RISE.” With the grant funds, Ann will purchase specialized trikes for 25 RISE students. In the application, Ann wrote, “Currently, we have Strider Bikes for kindergarten students. We do not have an adequate number of, or sizes of, trikes for our RISE students. This project would allow the entire class to experience riding on a trike that can be adjusted to fit their size, ability, and safety needs. Students will exhibit lower and upper body strength, as well as core strength by using a variety of ride-ons. Giving RISE students this opportunity will help them to build self-confidence and independence, and it will take the focus off their disability.”

Ann Just and Ashley Giesen

Andrea Sukut received $249.75 for her grant, “Indoor Play on a Cold Day.” In the application, she wrote, “Many children do not have the opportunity to participate in gross motor activities at home. When we are unable to go outside, due to the weather, students lose out on those activities at school as well. These materials will make it possible for student to explore new ways of using their bodies and minds. When people think of how children move, they think of running and jumping. Activities such as yoga and balancing are not typical activities for young children. I want to introduce new activities for my students that they may not otherwise get to experience. These materials will help lead students to a calm mind and body. The strategies these materials will teach can also be carried over into their everyday lives.”

Ashley Giesen and Andrea Sukut
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