Education Foundation Announces Above and Beyond Award Winners

The Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation celebrated 65 educators during the period of remote learning due to COVID-19. With a $25 donation to the Education Foundation, individuals could nominate any Sioux Falls School District staff member for the Above and Beyond Award or Teacher Appreciation Week. This recognition highlighted teachers, custodians, administrators, Kids Inc. staff, and others who put in the extra effort to keep students engaged, focused, and connected.

Each nominee was entered to win a $25 gift card to a local business. Winners were drawn at random, and the Education Foundation awarded 16 gift cards to Grille 26, Lewis, and Scooter’s. All three businesses have supported the Education Foundation’s Public School Proud: Student Showcase event.

Donors had an opportunity to share a note about the person they nominated, and then Education Foundation staff posted those messages on social media. Tammy Sweeter, school counselor at Jane Addams Elementary, was nominated. The parents who wanted to recognize her wrote, “Mrs. Sweeter continues to go to great lengths for the mental health of her students by sending messages to the families, calling the students individually, and hosting Google Meetings with students to help them process these unprecedented changes in their lives. We are so grateful for the work of Mrs. Sweeter! Thank you for all that you do!”

Below is a list of nominees from 24 sites. Some educators were nominated more than once.

CTE Academy—Penny Brunken

Lincoln High School—Sue Bull; Kristy Pesicka; Heidi Dykstra; Mary Alexander

Roosevelt High School—David Maxwell; Brittany Hamann; John Parezo

Washington High School—Wade Kippley; Laura Brandt; Bethany (Larson) Schaefers

Edison Middle School—Tyler Beisch; Jason Rygg; Stacy Sip; Erica Bell; Jeremy Iversen  

McGovern Middle School—Marian Beck; Christian Gruschin

Memorial Middle School—Jill Benker

Patrick Henry Middle School—Laura Cooper; Michael Long

All City Elementary—Heidi Williams; Kayleen Lundquist; Eliza Leloux; Tanya Rausis; Marci Cabrera; Sheila Pike; Shelby Bertram

Anne Sullivan Elementary—Patsy Andersen

Cleveland Elementary—Julie Millar

Eugene Field A+ Elementary—Marissa Schlup; Kate Marchand; Laura Preheim; Jess Hubert

Garfield Elementary—Kristin Skogstad; Brooke Weigand; Karissa Fischer

Harvey Dunn Elementary—Cindy Heyden; Molly Rost; Kamber Brockel

IPC—Harlen VanMaanen; Dr. Brian Maher

Jane Addams Elementary—Jane Hannemann; Tammy Sweeter; Jenna Anderson; Brandon Mohr

Laura Wilder Elementary—Jennifer Scheff

Lowell Elementary—Diane Kennedy

Pettigrew Elementary—Rhonda Begley

Robert Frost Elementary—Alisha Bell; Jessica Knigge

Rosa Parks Elementary—Kiersta Machacek

Sonia Sotomayor Elementary—Bobbi Greenfield; Yenny Ruiz Pineda; Amanda Valbuena

Susan B. Anthony Elementary—Becky Davis; Lindsey Hinsch; Erica English; Jaime Rockvam; Krista Brost

Terry Redlin Elementary—Becca Frahm  

Educators who received gift cards include: Molly Rost; Lindsey Hinsch; Heidi Dykstra; Bobbi Greenfield; Kiersta Machacek; Stacy Sip; Laura Preheim; Tammy Sweeter; Erica English; Laura Cooper; Brooke Weigand; Jason Rygg; Laura Brandt; Shelby Bertram; Marian Beck; Marissa Schlup

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